Sunday, November 25, 2007

Let’s Litter the River

Loi Krathong. A festival where Thais pay respects to the river, thanking her for bringing precious water into the rice fields tirelessly 24x7 so that we can have food 24x7 just like Seven Eleven. Ironically, on this festival, the river is thanked by dumping loads of litter called Krathongs by the millions into her. It’s also considered a family event, so expect most restaurants by the river to be packed full of chatty aunties. The lower income will spend time by going to the parsa-malams set up in 99% of the temples throughout the Kingdom. Yesterday was almost like hell broke loose as every festival in Thialand is celebrated by Thais drinking themselves senseless followed by driving or riding. Sirens of the ambulance was heard frequently among the recurring bangs of firecrackers and fireworks. The police were all busy, and so were the volunteers.

Schools held Krathong making competition.

Most shops will sell them so no worries getting one.

Even the Mercedes owner was banging in on the profits.

Having one of these land on your head is no fun.

My rabbit almost died when I played these fireworks and crackers at home.

They are called Krathong… not Kapong as I have mispronounced. Kapong means mini skirts. I did like to be looking at the students if their Kapongs were floating in the river.

Just another weird dish you can find in the restaurant.

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