Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Of Dek Skoi and Dek Vann

Dek = small people. Example… teenagers. It was brought to my knowledge of Amazing Thailand lately by one of my young technicians. In the south provinces of this Kingdom, you may be driving and all of a sudden you see a naked chee-bye (vagina) under the short skirts of a local girl on scooter coming your way. Cock stand, jams your steering wheel, and you fly off the cliff.

It’s a trend now.. The teenage girls, knows as Dek Skoi, are catching on this trend like wild fire and have the local police in a fit of uneasiness. I would be very happy catching these Skois however.

Dek Vann. Vann.. Thais says that’s the sound of high pitch scooters. Instead of vroom vroom like how we always say it, Thais thinks scooters goes vaaaaannnnnn vaaaannnnn. So Dek Vanns are the teenage boys on scooters chasing the naked easy Skoi-byes all over the Kingdom.

Dek Vann competes illegally on roads and the winner wins over the Dek Skoi riding pillion with his competitor. After that, what the Vann does to the Skoi is up to the former. But it is carnal… oh yeahhh . Skois keep records of how many Vanns they slept with, and compete among Skois themselves. Damm… where was Vann and Skoi when I was a teenager.

Have no fear oh farangs and foreigners who are Vann wanna-be. The scooters of the Vann cost only an average SGD800. With our middle age income level, we could buy a Harley and cream them Vanns. Oh yeah.. we can screw a Skoi every week, day or every hour. Just ride your big ass bikes into a group of Vanns & Skois and do your stuff. If you are over 50.. do prepare bags of Viagra.

…. How shitty I can’t ride a bike.. I am a bike idiot. However we do have plans to sponsor a bike for our technician, on the condition he must win races and win us 3 Skois per day.

Sex crazed aye?… Amazing Thailand.

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