Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Explosions Everywhere

No, its not 9-11 in Bangkok, only thing you can 9-11 here is Baiyoke Sky Hotel. No, it is not the southern insurgents blowing up people here. And no, it is not Takshin’s revenge to set off the explosives at the telephone booths. Ever since the end of October, the country has a widespread phenomenon. Firecrackers and fireworks set off every now and then. The Kings birthday is around the corner, and so is the Floating Lantern festival. The Loi Krathong (floating lantern) is like an annual prom event. People are pairing up boy girl, guy gal, man women, old man old lady and of course man and man to celebrate the event by releasing the fireballs into the river by the couple. It is suppose to be romantic. Weather is cool now, onset of winter is here. Bang bang in the sky …. bang bang in the bed.

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