Friday, July 29, 2005

A Bangkok Ghost Story

Darn scary… it was about 2 or 3 nights ago. Was driving a college back to his home late in night about 10 plus. His apartment is located deep in somewhere and the truck I drove had to go through some very narrow and dark lanes. I was on the return trip back to the main road, was the only car on the dark lanes then. Then I notice a silhouette of a man in my rear view mirror. Friggin CCB…cant see his face some more. Can only see an eerie figure floating to the right rear of the truck, swaying a bit to the left and right as I traveled. It was like the ghostly apparition was riding on the wind behind the vehicle.

Balls shrank and dropped on floor…. pee almost came out. Stay cool… maybe I was tired and this is a hallucination. Looked back at rear view mirror. Still the thing was following me. The dim street lights behind casting a shadowy ominous dark silhouette. KNN… this time die liaos… why the F is that thing following me. Step on accelerator… truck no sports car… can’t move fast, balls rolling all over the car floor. The faceless shadow was somehow attached, stuck to my rear right. No matter how fast I move or slow when breaking, it was always there… floating in the exact same position about 2 feet away.

Then I was glad to see the street lights on the main road ahead. It was like light at the end of dark tunnel.. okok drive faster… hope the thing will go away.

Kan paur tua CB. When I reach the bright roads ahead, the ghost behind me, was a blardee pesky motorbike. Drive without his CB lights on! KNN how I know it was a motorbike???? If bike behind… I sure can see his headlights mahhhhhhhhhh… why the F#@$@# did he not turn on his light?? Energy saving ah? Kan paur bye.. And his head made of metal izit??? Why never wear helmet??? If the shadow has an outline of helmet… at least I know it is a bike mahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… F#@#$#k pesky ass hole.. don’t even know basic safety road rules. No lights, no helmet.. and tailgate so close to me for f**k??? Addicted to diesel fumes izit??? Want to smell my exhaust izit??? … Ass hole.

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