Sunday, July 17, 2005


Erm….. ok… I remember reading Orgu’s email some time ago regarding her previous working experience in Penang, about her unforgettable visit to the beach there.

Well yesterday (gig pre booked me 2-3 weeks in advanced so I had no excuse of being busy) I had to go with gig’s young energetic friends to Bang Sean (pronounced - bung sand) which is a place much like Pattaya. This place however is much cheaper, and nearer.. and is the Pattaya for Thais. Pattaya is for ang mohs and tourist and man who wanna penetrate other man or vice versa and sex tourist.

Was sitting and melting under the stupidly hot sun when suddenly I witness what Orgu mentioned…. But more…. Incredible… really really incredible. They go into the water in their full costumes… they run around in the hot sun in their full costume. Cant believe my eyes.


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