Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Typical Work Day

Today is Thursday…. Darn time pass stupid fast. Tuesday.. 6am, drove 6 hours to Kon Kean. Work 7 hours there, had dinner… then took turns with me college drove back to Bangkok. Then deep in the nite 12 am, me drove truck at 120km/h plus plus… plus a few more I guess… and out of no where.. see waving red light in front.

What the heck was that I dunno… but as I approached… see police waving. Hmm… who he waving at wah…. ? asking me to stop??? Dun look like leh… he just wave wave only… maybe he saying “hi” … so … zoom past at also… 120km/h.. plus plus plus… plus a few more lor…

Got back yesterday 2am, reach home 3am, flip in bed because Redbull for driving still in blood stream. Slept short hours, woke at 8 am, zoomed to customer place meeting until 2pm, came to office rush work and reports until 7pm, met Japanese until 12 am.. go home wash underwear and sleep …. Blah blah blah.. .

Now blogging… eyes heavy… brain stoned. Wat a wonderfully stressful life.

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