Monday, July 18, 2005

Amazing Singapore???

Am i missing something here? See this paticular report form Bangkok post.. Singapore so sat-sat now ah?

If Prime Minister Thaksin is really serious about creating economic recovery then the solution is easy.

Allow the nightlife to flourish by allowing nightspots to remain open to 3am or 4am or whenever, and allow tourists to spend their hard-earned cash in Thailand instead of Singapore which now has more bars and less police harassment than Bangkok.

It is a crying shame that the most popular anecdotes swapped by visitors to this great country is about the police arresting tourists for not having their passport on their person, rather than the place for the best holiday of their life.

If Thaksin really wants recovery, he should let this country turn back into `Amazing Thailand'.

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Anonymous said...


they just want pocket money to buy milk powder when they harrass those poor tourist. . . why dun they try to solve the core of the prb - CORRUPTION?????