Monday, August 01, 2005

Bangkok Bus Ride

It is one of those days where all company cars are gone on a weekend because people took it for god knows what non-company purpose. So late in the night, I decided to try the public bus. Legend has it the number 30 can take me to my destination for only 6 baht (24 cents SGD).

  • Bus stop has no sign indicating what bus comes here.
  • Bus stop…. Very very dark.
  • Bus no air con. Not surprised.
  • Bus don’t stop fully so u had to run and climb aboard. Have not done this for 20 plus years.
  • Bus floor made of wood!!!!!
  • There is a conductor on bus. They have a magic tin can that contains everything. Coins, notes, bus tickets… and it goes clank clank clank.
  • Realized that bus fare went up by 1 baht. It is 7 baht now.
  • Engine very loud and big, beside driver at front of bus.
  • Got small little fans attached all over ceiling twirling round and round.
  • Must press button to stop bus. Just like Singapore… so this is normal.
  • Got no idea when to press button because can’t see and dunno where the blardee bus stops are ahead. So… anyhow press.
  • Bus do not stop fully for you to alight… so have to dismount and run abit due to momentum of heavy body fats.

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