Monday, July 04, 2005

Honda vs Toyota

Lets see… hmmmm over the weekend… nothing much. Came to work both Saturday and Sunday.

Yesterday… went to some amusement park called Dream World with me GF.. almost died.. no have energy like I used to last time. I mean… look.. work non stop, think non stop for 5 x 24 hours per week.. plus work eating into sats and suns, naturally, very tired when the weekend is here. Want to idle, want to rest, want another holiday but I had to go to a theme park and walk non stop, queue non stop, and scare my balls with all the rides. Well yeah, it was fun, but I almost fell asleep on the roller coaster.

Nite time, swung over to office for some work. No bloody internet access at home u see. Anyway was shitting happily on the fourth floor. Then realized not enough tissue to wipe my big butt. Alternatively, I turned on wash backside tap… no FRIGGIN WATER SUPPLY!!!!!!!!!!! Had to run butt naked in towel down to first floor toilet. Nambleh.. They forgot to turn on the water pump that channel water to the upper floors.

Then deep in the nite… some goondu ran into my company car parked outside the office. Bloody hell… waste time.. go down stairs and waited for insurance representative to come. It was Honda vs my company’s Toyota. Toyota, parked stationary. Honda Civic brand new, reversed into rear of Toyota. Honda bumper sustained huge damage, dislodged. Toyota… one small dent and 2 small scratches. As u can see… Honda’s are sure die cars if in big accidents, they are soft tin cans…makes me never want to buy one if I ever gonna buy a car here.


Ed said...

1. Fell asleep on Roller Coaster? Got strap on seatbelt?
2. While running butt naked, did u run into the dog that bit u then? U'd make it very happy I'm sure. Did shit drip onto the floor or steps?
3. Err... what car did u use to drive in SG har? I remember vaguely it was a Honda Civic...

Jewie said...

yes.... used to love honda.... but Thai newspaper... show alot of honda accidents... all die big time. Now scared.

rk said...