Thursday, June 09, 2005

Out of Luck with Volvo

Breaking away from Samui updates for a while… arse luck struck…

The frequency was predictable. Five seconds interval. It starts with an angry boil, fizzle bubble and steam. Then out came the water flowing and flowing. Then it stops… and it repeated. I had what looked like Yellowstone National Park under the hood of my Volvo. The smell of hot metal permeated the surrounding. The immediate area above the dead engine below the opened hood so hot you can BBQ and have metal flavored marshmallows.

1030pm, in the middle of mild traffic yesterday, I saw the temperature needle gone where it had never gone before. It a matter of seconds for some lousy luck reasons, the ominous red temperature gauge moved fast like a panicky ant towards the zone of death. The engine checked light glowed next, indicating imminent danger. Pulled my car to the side of the road as fast as I could. Opened the hood. The not so intelligent automatic cooling system turned on the radiator fan full blast and drained the battery dry. Cant start car no more. Darn f*ck luck. Stranded. Hungry, no dinner yet. And worse… no ciggy.

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Ed said...

Time to buy new car liao... Or better, get a brand new Volvo.