Tuesday, June 07, 2005

7am Samui

Samui Paradise

It was a holiday to remember. Escalating stress, swelling amounts of work, I decided to break away from it all. Booked tickets on spur of the moment, by Bangkok Airways we went to Samui. Cost SG$80 per pax. Took the first flight, 6am, Wednesday morning. Went to the domestic airport and was greeted by the lady behind the check-in counter whom seem to have sand in her vagina. Not even a good morning greet nor a friendly smile, her face dark like rain clouds. Bangkok Airways sucks. Gig told me in Thailand, they do not use the phrase “have sand in vagina” to describe stuck up rude ladies. They use “ants in the vagina”… that’s new.

Samui Paradise

Arrived Paradise, 7am. The airport was a hut. Got meself a mini jeep, SG$40 per day. Took my time, drove all over the island and found the lodging of my choice. Lamai Wanta, bungalows clean and white. We took the apartment style lodging the first 2 day, for the bungalows were full. Lamai Beach, a quite destination. The tourist less compared to the commercialized Chaweng just over the breezy hills. It was low season, the crowds had ebbed away. Just a couple of roaming golden haired foreigners and the occasional street dogs lazing. The peace and the tranquility. It was fun, the first day. It was different the air. The sky so blue, the melody of the shore always near. The mountains and the greens. It was heaven.

Samui Photos


Ed said...

How u ask your Gig if she wan go holiday? U ask her 'Ai Sio Gan Mai' issit?

Jewie said...

no.... u just release ur pheromone smell... and she will come along.