Friday, June 10, 2005

Lazy Dayz Samui

Samui Paradise

One of those sun soaked lazy days of sleeping by the pool on the island, we decided to ride them big smelly elephants near a waterfall. Touts approached us on arrival like marauding hordes of hungry ants. Kept quite… kept very quite… looked busy and let gig talked. Trying to get Kun-Thai (KT from now on) price na. Ok… tricked them. We got on the elephants at KT price.

Samui Paradise

Pace was slow… strong steps one by one, strode on like Jurassic mammals steady. We had seat belts. How interesting, why not they put airbags on the elephants as well. I worried if the elephant will miss a step, tumble and overturn. The seat belt will kill me for I will be rolled on, with the belt still secured, by the giant grey body for sure.

Wow… elephant shit looks like huge old brown coconuts. They were roundish. Saw them exit from the rear of the animal whoes huge anus was facing us. The guide, talked on and on… and so he finally discovered that I am not Thai when I expired my mental Thai dictionary.

Suddenly the guide was thrilled and spoke fast to the other guide that was then on foot. His preying eagle eye spotted something in the bush and was pointing jubilantly there and there among the outcrop. What? Gold he found? Money? Pack of free condoms? Cant make out what he was saying. That was when the other fellow went into the bush and pulled out 3 stalks of mushroom. “Tis good eat…. Happi mus-room expensive, tooo-thow-san baht. For full moon par-ti good good, wooo wooo, get happy like E (ecstasy).. buum bumm make love… happy happy..” and he went on and on and on about full moon parties, mushroom, drugs, sex and alcohol. Those innocent brownish top long white stalking fungus, were magic mushroom. First time I ever seen them.

Samui Paradise

The days always ritually ended with us back in the beachside pool by sunset. Watching the sky dim from a brilliant blue to the dark purple of the night and the stars glittering up one by one in mysterious space beyond. Sound of waves breaking, breeze of salt carrying, I want to be there again.

Samui Photos


Ed said...

Chaoturtle, got eat them magic mushies boh?

Ed said...

And who's half ball is that? yours or Gig's?

Jewie said...

Ed.... that pic is to fulfill that special request of yours... as to whose ah…. Hmmm… dun tell u… kekekekek

Ed said...

Hwah, the Nehneh is da bomb! just hope it's not Gig's face photoshopped with your buttcheek or your photoshopped face photoshopped with your buttcheek. If it is, I fly down give u 2TCS