Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I Chameleon on Samui

Have to write blog about Samui in pieces. Too busy. 5 days on Samui with almost everyday I got calls from my clients. Over the last 2 day, clear all the piled up shit which normally takes 5 days to complete. Will die one. Anyway, now to continue on Samui.

Samui Paradise

Double standards, which is so wide spread on Samui. When hunting for a hotel, there are two prices. Normally the Kun-Thai price is 10% to 20% cheaper so I had to keep quite most of the time to hide my identity. The counter staff kept looking at me suspiciously as gig negotiated. The trick is to keep very silent and look busy so that the reception can’t talk to you. When the unavoidable happens, just answer in short burst of Thai (lucky I can speak some Thai now). And if they ask why one speaks weird, cook up an I-went-away-for-long-time story. Say something like your parents neglected you when you were 5 years old at Pattaya beach. A strong current came and swept you out to sea. With the floating support from coconuts, you filtered and consumed plankton from sea water through your teeth and survived for 45 days. Eventually you reached Darwin, Australian shores, where an aboriginal tribe known as WooKaNoooMookMuaw adopted you and renamed you Dances-With-Koala. You worshipped a Coca-Cola bottle for the next twenty odd years, eventually got discovered by authorities and got sent back to Thailand.

Samui Paradise

Well, the same goes for renting cars, eating in restaurants, massage and almost everything else. EXCEPT the trip back to Bangkok! Got no idea why some shops just refused to sell to Thais (fu*king racist against their own kind). For those occasions, I would start blabbering away in my native ah-beng singlish and then they would finally go to details. Darn bastards. And I had to pay B$150 more for gig's ticket because she is Thai. What kinda weird shit is this? The trip back cost me B$400 where for gig it cost B$550. Furious furious… want to take out Coca-Cola bottle and whack the life out of them assholes.

Samui Paradise

Had fun… as I got darker with everyday that I basked my naked belly in the sun, the suspicion that I am foreign faded out. I could be both Thai and foreigner, two sides of the same coin, best of both worlds under certain circumstances.

Samui Photos

[to be continued….]


Ed said...

Wah!!! Got Nehneh! Got Nehheh!!! KNN... SHOW US THE NEHNEH!!! Dun show the monkey nehneh hor.

Jewie said...

okokok.... next few updates i reveal more...