Thursday, March 10, 2005

What the heck is คิง ถิม?????

Today... i had a look at my name card.. never knew i had this คิง ถิม in it... i got no idea what it is.. but i think it is my name.. gosh... someone printed my name card... got thai name.. and i dont even know what it means npr how to pronounce . No one to ask now becuase it is late and everybody go back home already.

Anyway.. have not been able to blog much coz been really busy and had a spate of bad luck with cars.. dunno what’s goin on. Some days.. I get stuck because car cannot start. And when try to call for help, phone cant call out because accounts forgot to pay me bills. Then today.. the most sway thing happened.. Key got dislodge from key chain when putting notebook in boot. Slammed boot shut and NINAMBLEAHHHHHHHHHH!… Stuck at home, waited for mechanic until afternoon then come to work. All work schedule cock up and now have to work overnight!

By the way... it took me forever to find these คิง ถิม characters on me keyboard....

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