Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Knock Knock Nobody There

Thai style: When knocking at office door and no one seems to response, locate the electrical circuit breaker and trip it. Naturally, in less then 5 minutes, the strange darkness within will flush any living soul out through the front door, thereby answering to your calls eventually. However, after tripping the circuit and still no one answers, you can be assured that there is really no one home.

This is a very effective method, I never though about it until I seen my Thai friend did it. This technique is especially useful in multistory complexes, whereby natives of the residence may be obscured audibly from your desperate knockings if no doorbell is present.

Warning, if method is to be applied to stranger, stealth is advice or undesirable outcome may result. Survey for nearest hiding place whereby upon the exit of attendants you may manifest yourself naturally, without suspicion from the former. Be also aware of any surveillance equipment setup in the vicinity. If such is present, advice standing away from view and flinging hard objects with accuracy until subject visually looks inoperable. If subject appears to be smoldering after a few hits, you can be certain that no one will see you do whatever you are about to do later. Else, continue flinging hard objects on subject.

Depending on the level of desperateness, response time and weather conditions, sometimes you may wish to pull out some telephone lines from the main distribution box if one is present. Connect severed voice lines to lighting ground circuits nearby and wait for the heavenly bolt to descend. Upon electrical discharge of the atmosphere making a continual circuit to the connected lightning rods, there should be multiple burst of visual display within the compound. This is a sure attention grabber to flush out the inhabitants. Should this variant technique be used, it is advice you have coffee nearby.

Trip-Circuit-Method, without projectiles flinging, has been tested personally with a response rate of 100%. As for the rest of the mentioned techniques, do try at your own risk.

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