Monday, May 19, 2014

Bunny Cafe in Bangkok

Feeding the Bunny
So I had previously blogged about a cat cafe where you meet pretty Thai girls, then a dog cafe where you need to chase Huskies down in order to hug one. Now somewhere hidden in obscure parts of Bangkok, someone had turned their home into a bunny cafe - Lucky Bunny. Parking space scarce, I could be told off for parking at their neighbor's front, so I was advised to move my car elsewhere.

The bunny cafe operates in the same manner as the dog cafe, we were grouped into batches of people and allowed to play bunnies in turns. Apparently, this cafe is not as popular as the feline and canine ones. There were only 3 tables occupied when I arrived. Maybe the location is the factor here. We had to pay a minimum fee and that was used as credits to pay for your coffee, tea or a light meal. Well, food was home cook and nothing spectacular.

In a Small Room
I had imagined bunny cafe to be where I frolic with critters in the garden, like in Suan Peung. No, not here, we were lead into a room and told to sit. The caged pedigree bunnies surrounded us. They were cute, cuddly and clean. The handler, an aged man of fifties, first educated us on the theory of bunny behavior and explained that bunnies can be trained. It was followed by a performance of two rabbits going through an obstacle course. After the "show", the molestation of bunnies began. Rabbits were removed from their cages in turn and placed on our table for "selfie" time. So, all our phones were snapping pictures, uploading, tagging, check-ins and checking on likes.

Oh Lucky Bunny....
The session lasted less than an hour, the feel was very homey and very cozy - maybe because the bunny room was very small. The large dining area, dosed in white and spotting all things rabitty, was comfy. The cafe spots a garden area well decorated with a swing and plants, but we did not get to frolic with bunnies in there. There were reasons for why the bunnies were not released to flood us guest, we only played with them like toys set on a table. Some of them were aggressive and could bite, some were hostile to each other and will fight till blood is spilled. And most buck are serial rapist that will hump any doe in sight. That's why the playboy insignia is modeled after a rabbit. My rabbit at home is a buck too and he humps his soft toys everyday (Doreamon, Moshi Moro and an Ikea Rat). Wife wish I have the same potency as my rabbit but that's going to be another story. Didn't enjoy much for me at the cafe, but I bet the rabbits where having more fun than me. They were sitting on girl's laps and all paws on the her chest.

Its a House the Cafe
Dining Area
Average Meal
The Rabbit Show
Eating in their Cages
The Garden

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