Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Circumnavigate the Circle

It's bound to happen and it did. A car navigating the circle rammed onto an incoming car from the side road. I myself had several close calls when I navigated circles and I blared my horns loud only to fall on deaf ears. Sometimes, the other driver will turn road bully and drive crawling after cutting into my lane just to irritate me. Ahh.. . the circle, the very place where I gestured most with my middle finger sticking out the window, what a lovely place on Bangkok roads. We give way to cars in the circle when we approach one. This rule is in the Highway Code book that we all study before our driving test. Cars in the circle have the right of way. Wait.. . . this is Thailand... most drivers think it is the opposite. Thais are generally not aware of the Highway Code nor its existence. They told me "Thai people no like read book". The book does exist, but I guess people don't buy them, don't read them and use the pages as emergency toilet paper risking paper cuts to where the sun don't normally shine. Ok putting the book aside, is it not common sense that if you don't give way to cars in the circle, they will jam up and the tail would come round back to you - deal lock? Oh wait.. . this is Thailand.. .. drivers do not have common sense when behind the wheel.

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