Wednesday, January 29, 2014

TrueLove, Siberian Pet Cafe in Ari

Our 3 pieces of fish fingers and a small plate of dim sum was served. They were just appetizers going for THB 250 per set which included a drink and a dessert that we choose from their display fridge showing a limited assortment of cakes. First come first serve, the early bird get the Tiramisu, it was good. We should have gone for the THB 300 set, which included a main course of larger portions, but we already had our meals elsewhere. Our intentions was to have lunch, but when we arrived there at 1pm, we found out that this place operate 3 sessions per day. The 12.30 pm session was already fully booked. So we reserved for the 4 pm session, not wanting to wait till 7 pm for the last. We went to a nearby mall to satisfy our hunger.

Roaming Dogs
It's another pet cafe that sprouted up and this one has Siberian Huskies all over. After an hour of chatting under the still cool January afternoon, they released the dogs from their kernels into the compound. A metal fence separated us from the canines, also separated our food from their hungry mouths. They have 17 adult Siberians, and a significantly large number of puppies. Everyone eagerly waited for the gate to be opened, so that we could hug and mingle with them large cute fluffy dogs. We knew it was time for that when we were issued plastic shoes that looked the same as those wore in surgical rooms. Part of preventive measures not to infect the dogs with diseases and unwelcomed bacteria.

There are rules and regulations that we guest must abide by. We had to rinse our hands in sanitizers before we were allowed to enter the premise. There is a rule book, it was unfortunately printed only in Thai and I had no idea what the clauses were. We are not suppose to stick our hands into Huskies' mouth, poke their eyes and probably not to stick our fingers into their ass. I think we are not to encourage the canines to hump our legs and we should not eat their doggie food. I think the rules should be somewhere along these lines.

Its not a Huskie! Better then Nothing
The handlers herded the canines into secured sections of the compound leaving only a small number of Huskies free to roam, then they released the humans. I had visualized myself walking among excited dogs all scrambling around, jumping and pouncing on me and me hugging them. It did not happen. There was dog to man ratio of 1 is to 6. I suppose the cafe have a reason for doing that instead of letting all dogs loose at the same time. As a result, the scene was of people trying their best to capture the unwilling dogs for a photo opportunity. I guess the dogs already had too much human interactions, so we are just another tree, another fixture in the compound and most of the time, we were ignored. It was funny how some guest ended up trying to catch that odd one out Havanese (i think it is) running among us. And wondered we did, what was it doing there anyways. That was a situation of "no fish, prawn also can", an idiom from the Chinese Hokkien world.

They were so Eager To Go Home
In the one hour petting-zoo session, there were 3 batches of dogs released for us to mingle. A few of them looked to be sick, or maybe they are just old. Dogs like humans don't stay young forever. So there we have it, another new haunt for pet lovers. Should come on a weekday where the man to dog ratio will be better. Bangkok, there is Purr Cat Cafe in Thong Lor which is already famous and then some more. What will Thais think of next? Whatever animal it is, be it rabbits, cats or dogs, keep them coming, I'm lovin it here.

TrueLove Cafe
The Humans are Released
Plastic Shoes
Catch and Take Picture

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