Friday, May 23, 2014

Bangkok Military Coup 2014 Day 2

Its a breeze to get to Work
Don't you just love it when there is a coup? Traffic is excellent as all Bangkok schools are closed. No more parents sending their kids, no more spoilt kids driving to schools. A significant part of the workforce was told to stay home and be safe emptying the roads even more. There is still a course waiting for me to be conducted today, and me in the minority that today is still a working day. There does not seem to be anything to fear, just be streetwise. The military had rounded up all the protest leaders from both sides, the protestors were forced to go home. I wonder if them leaders are put together. They should be maybe. Like a flock of testosterone packed fighting cocks deliberately put in the same chicken coop, they will fight to the bitter end. A few people hurting each other behind closed door is better than the entire population brought into civil war. All media have been blocked, we have no news to follow. All channels are now but an announcement screen playing back haunting songs from the period era, and interrupted by broadcast of military rules. Can come to Bangkok? Can, come experience the peaceful coup. Not everyone of my friends have the chance experience coup, for me I have been through two.

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