Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bangkok Military Coup 2014 Day 3

7-11, Close be never Close will Close
Yesterday was day 3 of the takeover. Life was actually pretty much usual for most of us except for those looking for nightlife. Curfew remained in effect from 10pm to 5 am. Seven Eleven closed at 10 pm, so there was nowhere to buy emergency condoms. In the morning, most TV channels were still blocked, but by evening, entertainment channels such as HBO, Fox and Discovery were back on, I was so glad. CNN however remained blocked. The market still opened in the morning, there was no shortage of food and ordinary people still went about on their everyday chores. There were reports of anti-coup protest by the hundreds that went on, and there still remained some defiant political players who played hard to catch with the military.

CNN Blocked
So coup good or not I asked me Thai friends. Good good, look not more bombs at night, no more shootings. Well... how very true. I guess the military is more effective in doing things her forceful ways, they have made several arrest and uncovered caches of weapons by raiding apartments here and there. The coup did stir up some unusual traffic patterns however. Going to work on the past Friday had been a breeze but coming back home at 5 was congestion hell. Since no one was going anywhere for dinners followed by late booze, everyone headed home which caused massive jams out of town. There was quite some rumor about the Internet being shutdown, but that remains only a rumor and not true. It's been peaceful all along, life for us normal working people just per normal.

Friday Evening Traffic
Market as Usual

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