Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beware the Shoddy Vets and Groomers

Lots of them, really here in Bangkok. Before you bring your beloved furball to any groomers, check around, ask around. I was at a pet hospital lately and I saw a Pomeranian with both front legs in cast. I asked, and she the owner told me some groomer dropped the dog and broke both legs.

I have seen several grooming shops advertising that they offer rabbit baths and grooming. Don’t bring my rabbit there my vet would say. Rabbits are very naughty and stubborn creatures. They give quite a struggle and most shops are not qualified to handle them. Again… rabbits will fall and die, if not suffer some permanent paralysis or life threatening injuries.

What about Vets? Surprisingly, there are heaps of them around. Small establishments are cheap, but not to say they are bad. Just make sure you do some research first. The live of a beloved animal is priceless. I would pay more for my rabbit’s dental then my own. Four times more to be exact. Thonglor Pet Hospital, from my own experience is good. Its an entire building dedicated to pets and they have all kinds of qualified specialist there who graduated from universities in Sydney down under.

The establishment is like a clinic for people, big clean halls, proper counters, proper clinical rooms and all that we pet lovers would see and trust our furballs to be left in the hands of proper care. It ain’t difficult to locate this hospital for it is located on the popular Thonglor street, and they have several branches around located throughout the metro.

And best of all, this place is expat friendly. They capable speaking language English with farangs. They saved my rabbit from dental complications.

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