Friday, February 04, 2011

Thailand is Organized After All

You know, we Singaporeans come to Thailand, always complain complain. “Wah lau eh, why so disorganized one the traffic lah, the administrative system lah, the restaurant sucks lah no system, the business so jialat no one answer my call, sure no system lah… etc etc etc”. Stop whining. It’s been proven. Thailand when compared to other countries is more organized then you think.

Look at the current protest going on in Egypt. How the hell do you tell the anti vs pro Mubarak guys. Imagine, pro-Murabak guy shoots at crowd, then victim shout back “you pukimah!! I also pro lah!” Shooter then apologies to victim and brings victim to eat good murtabak with good fish curry (I presume the murtabak and roti prata are pro Mubarak’s food).

But in Thailand, no one shoots the wrong guys. Its obvious, red wears red, yellow wears yellow, and the dark forces wears black. So darn clear, we all know who to shoot.

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