Monday, April 04, 2011

Earthquake Bangkok

I felt it, my mates felt it, most of us in high-rise felt it and the folks in the north felt it most. A roof collapsed and someone died I was told. That was the effects of the recent quake more then a week ago on 24 Mar 2011 that happened in Myanmar measuring 7.0. During that night, I felt giddy and doubted my health. And when I saw my instant noodles swishing about in its foam bowl, I did thought of scrambling for the stairs. It lasted near to a minute but I was cool about it. It was… an experience.

The next few days, we talked and doubted about the safety of condominiums in Bangkok. I was told there was nothing to worry about. I asked if the high-rise could withstand a quake and what are the evacuations plans. My mates told me, no need to worry, there is no plan. Bangkok buildings will just collapse if a massive quake were to hit. The death would be instant. I…. tend to believe this, after living here for sometime, I know the shoddy works involved in projects and the short cuts they take to minimize cost so that the funds could be channeled “elsewhere”. So sad, but so the facts or fiction I leave for others to conclude.

And today we see in the papers the story of Bangkokians still snapping up the budget condo’s so aplenty. I was then told, Bangkokians forget easily. Do they? I don’t know if forget so easily one does here really. I think it’s more of the “lets get on and not worry so much” altitude of the people in this pleasant land. Why worry so much? If one worries about everything, then your life would be a passage of stress. Is this good or bad, one and many us “kiasu / kiasi” Singaporean would contemplate.

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