Sunday, February 06, 2011

CNY - go Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand?

Well, in case you are farang (ang moh, or Caucasian tourist as officially called) your best bet to have a good Chinese New Year would be Thailand.

Go Singapore, most shops closed on first day, so no shopping, not so much food. Worst, no festive mood because we go to jail forever for letting off firecrackers. Singapore is a “fine” country. We can’t even play them Hindu drums during Thaipusam else we get fined. Singapore thinks its noise pollution. The drums were supposed to mask out the horrific screams of the Hindus as they pierce themselves in the name of sacrifice.

Go Malaysia, which is where I was, really… no food. I was hunting for all the good hawker food. None whatsoever opened, because, public holiday. All “balek kampong” (go back to home town).

But in beautiful Thailand, it ain’t no public holiday. Office workers still work, shops remained opened so there is no lack of places to go. To get into the festive mood, just go to China Town and there’s a scene there. Firecrackers, we let them off yes we do. Although the dancing Lion speaks Thai, we still have a true Chinese New Year here.

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eyalmaoz said...

Funny stuff.. Thailand is a good place but if you don't go back to Sg for CNY then no going around the relatives and no ang baos for you huh :-)