Thursday, January 28, 2010

Watching the Opportunities Slip By

For many us here, money no enough have we, lucky not are we. So we watch and only watch. Opportunities, one after another, they slip by. Was at Hua Hin lately, dining next to a Farang table were we. Lucky E-San wife net in what look like an aged seventies elderly. Dutchman he is, spoke much he did not, but land he was buying.

A crooked faced man was with them, believe him I would not, but looked like the Farang did. The man I would not trust was a middle man looking for the land. He was calling all over, spoke aloud proudly he did. Priced 1.9 million, 39 rai of land for the Thai-Farang couple half a generation apart. The lady looked thirties, she was way beyond Coyote expiry. But still, she is half of seventy.

Farang and expired Coyote, lucky I consider them to be. Grab the opportunity both did I see. Land, land so big, damn these big plots are taken up like hot cakes now by the some who have the currency. 39 rai is 62,400 square meters, about 250m by 250m. 1.9 million is only 80k Singapore dollars. 39 rai of land is big enough to build a decent home, a small café or what not. They buy, kept buying and are still buying. Soon, all the goodies will be gone. Expired Coyote will inherit the land in 10 years to come. And when the elderly expires she will be free.

Curses, curses, why some us no money. Wait and wait we shall, but buy and buy the others does well. By the end of waiting, we are ready to buy the land in with our funds, what’s left will only be crumbs.

We dream sometimes, we want a plot of land that nobody wants – cheap. With our entrepreneurship and creativity, into a popular resort we could turn up one. But sigh, lets just for now watch the others does.

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