Monday, January 18, 2010

Metropolitan Electricity Authority, Up their Ass

Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) of Thailand can go fuck themselves good. As always in Thailand, doing some of the most basic stuffs such as paying your bills can sometimes tear your balls into pieces. For no fuck reasons, they had disengaged Internet payment arrangement with the local bank I use. And calling them on their 1130 hotline for their English operator gave me a feeling that he or she died (was put on hold forever). Now I have to find their branch in front of some wet market to pay my bills, that’s if I can even find it. And until today, they still assumed Thai is the language that is understood throughout the nine planets of our solar system, still my bills are in Thai and I have no idea what the breakdown is. That goes for DTAC and TRUE MOVE as well whose customer care director can go fuck themselves good. In fact… all the three customer care directors or whatever of MEA, DTAC and TRUE could go well fucking each other regardless of gender in their own lousy threesome.

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kym said...

fellow singaporean n i used to work in thailand as well. Yes, at times, things suxs. Thiough its aint totally that bad but your blog seems to scream mostly complains. Of course this is your blog n the freedom of speech. But it would be nice to blog 'good' stuff ocassionally.

Just my 2 cents worth n no offence please.