Saturday, January 02, 2010

And so New Year Came - 2010

And so it is that another year had whisked past fast. Bangkok is quiet you could drive fast and furious on the everyday roads you travel for work. Bangkokians travel this season, to their home towns and all. Through the small streets I drove, many houses opened wide I saw. Tables on floors, the stereo blazing music out the doors. The beer bottles scattered abouts, the friends and relatives talked aloud. In Thailand, New Year is like a time of Songkran minus the wet and wild. It is to be a time where families gather, for some, great distance they will have to travel. Many had taken that extra long leave for a holiday, mostly traveling locally to the northern region in order to enjoy the once a year cold season.

Cold season I say, this year has been erratic. Bangkok is way too hot, while last year was pleasantly cool. Global warming is it not? I concluded the reason to be it is. Just look at the island I just went (Koh Kood), the jetty was under water when we arrived. The frequent travelers whom arrived said “I’ve never seen this much water before”.

Same it is for all years, on the stoke of midnight the fireworks were lit, and all 360 I spun around I saw them skies lit up. The kaleidoscope of luminescence colors overrode the lone moonshine for a good quarter of an hour. The countdown festivities everywhere, the crowd I saw on next day’s papers overwhelming.

In the midst of festivities I spend my New Year days about this quiet town, and here forth began my sixth year in Bangkok. Travel I was unable to, the resort prices just so over inflated, the extortion of tourist as always for such great occasions. And all the good resorts fully booked, some even from a distant six months ago they were so.

Staying at home, watch me TV, clean my room and dust my rabbit (you be surprised how much dust a rabbit can accumulate). Spend good time with gig, not turning on my computer I did. But stayed away I could not for long, hence me typing here as blogged on the third day of a long weekend. Staffs are off from 31st to 3rd, 4 short days in total with extended periods many had opted for.

A new year has began, the old work carried over. Now I typed on my fingers polished keyboard, reports, business plans, contracts and all. Happy New Year all.

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