Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Chuoy Duoy Chuoy Duoy So Soft

Chuoy Duoy, the Thai word for “help me”, a voice so squeaky and soft we heard while dining by the road side. Me car parked alongside up ahead, the street lights never maintained and broken, the pavement for pedestrians so dark.

As she ran weakly her body so petite, she screamed but sounded like she was more of talking “Chouy Duoy, Chouy Duoy…..”. The diners all stood up and moved over to watch the commotion as she ran alongside traffic chasing the invisible man we did not see.

She was walking along minding her own business, a man just walked alongside her, pried her handbag off her and took off like a hyena with its catch in its crutches. Volunteers from the shop, some diners, dashed in her direction towards the animal. But in the end, the robber took a turn somewhere into the myriad of dark alleys, he was never caught.

As the commotion died down, the people returned to their tables and the talk continued. Bangkok so chaotic, the sound of sirens, flashing red and blue sped passed towards an accident somewhere. Scooters so loud blaring by, Taxis driving like formula one. Suspicious looking characters on motorbikes wearing full faced tinted helmet cruising close to the walkways. So it is reputed, Bangkok is dangerous as sometimes we get to see. But be wise, avoid uncertain dark places that’s all to is. Bear in mind you tourist expats or what not to be, someone will always be watching you for that opportunity and when it happens, you did be stun beyond action. Watch your belongings, tight grip on your handbag ladies. Bangkok will always be Bangkok, the denizens from darkness there always will be.

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