Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Birds Use Tools

Hmmmm lets see. First of all… busy like F.

Pew, Charles, Kenny, Shin and their wives, wife to be, were all here over the weekend. Shop like some tourist they did trying to buy the whole Bangkok back to their new love nests. It was good to see them… have not laughed at silly singlish jokes for a long time. Felt darn good to see them again… an element of I-am-missing-something-from-home arise. Nowadays… encounters with good pals happen only within short burst of transient time. Next window to see them may be 3 months away. Miss them all.

Short Reports:

Saw someone with a pet Slow Loris. Didn’t know u can have them as pets. Its one of those nocturnal animals with eyes so big that if u hit its head from the back, its eyes will pop and roll onto the floor.

Mum on MSN says:

*-)AK(f)Mrs Fu*-) says: Loong, if you go to the sea, pls pls pls don't play the something flying in the sky, the one pulled by a boat, very dangerous

*-)AK(f)Mrs Fu*-) says: the wind will blow to other direction and make you get injured or killed. It happened to one of Uncle's friend recently in Thailand

*-)AK(f)Mrs Fu*-) says: no joke, ok?

First of all… no way I gonna play that. Imagine… kena bird strike… not very pleasant to have a flock of birds tattering your body into pieces. Also… fly so high… balls drop for sure. What if.. aeroplane run into u…. ok lah.. that won’t happen. But.. what if fly into swarm of hostile bees?

Then on Animal Planet… saw birds very smart. They use pointed sticks to poke into holes on trees. The stupid fat worm in the hole attacked the stick by biting. Then bird pull big fat white worm out.. and munch munch munch… didn’t know birds uses tools.

For the first time in my life… saw a durian like tortoise at some night market. Pew says that’s a Star Tortoise. It looks like half a durian and its brownish, spiky as hell, visually really dangerous. Throw tortoise on road sure can make car tyre flat. If u don’t like your friend, can strategically place tortoise on seat where his balls are predicted to land too.

Ate Japanese buffet lunch (Killer Oishi Grand at Siam Discovery Center)… THB650 SGD24+++. Better then Kushin whatever bowl back in SG. Eat eat eat… then saw Sharks FIN SOUP!!!!!!! That killed me. Then… WAHHHH COD FISH COD FISH!!!!! That really killed me. Tummy detonation.

Saw the movie Stealth. Darn good darn good.

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