Monday, August 15, 2005

Krabi Weekend

Krabi - Paradise Lost

Just came back. 4am reached Bangkok. Came to office straight for work.

Krabi had less people compared to the last time i went, less shops too. All the inside shops behind the front row shops, all gone.

However, delicious Krabi pancakes survived the Tsunami.

This season, waves too strong. Speed boat ride around the islands resulted in serious testicular trauma. Balls blue and black, much worse that what ah pew experienced the last time when his balls slamed flat againts the seat up in the front of boat.

Went around trekking this time round. Found some nice places.

Oh… and one other boat capsized because wave too big. All the ang mohs got thrown into water. Lucky I not on that boat. They rescued all of them. No one die.

Photos are here.

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