Thursday, August 04, 2005

Massage Thai

Uncle Presvin came along with some other biz pple from Singapore. So, met them yesterday nite for a catch up. Where to go we dunno. My back, hands and neck all tense from work.. so here we come, massage Thai (not sleazy ones ok… real Thai massage).

Nambleh… two out of the three good massage paradise around my house infested with chatty and loud Asian tourist. So we ended up at a Vej Thai massage or something parlour. Vej Thai = Vietnamese Thai style. THB$250… 2 hours.

More then 2 months never massage liao.. so.. when the old lady press on my big fat white chicken thighs… I burst into laughter. Too darn ticklish. Next… press on major blood vessels located at inner thighs with her hands and partial body weight. Blood stopped flowing to both my legs. Where blood goes I dunno… but I think into my balls. After a good minute of holding on to that position, she released the pressure gently and I could feel warmness flow down both my legs…. very very relaxing.

Next came some amazing anus stretching exercise. She bend my legs up into the air, open them wide and twist here there stretch snap and a whole lot more. I think Kamasutra went on for a good hour. Then she move up to work on my arms shoulders. Flip me like a burger next and worked on my back. Snap twist turn stretch pull me like rubber band (big and thick rubber band that is). Wow… 2 hours… after that went home sleep so good that I woke up 45 minutes late this morning. Alarm clock rang but I slept throughout.

So… late for meeting lor.

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