Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Cultural Night in Chiangmai, Khun Khantoke

Entrance to the Dining Area
Arrived late at Centara. We did some waiting to get into out rooms because all guest seems to check in at 6 pm where most of staffs had gone for dinner. After a quick shower and too tired to venture into the city for a meal, we decided to head next door where we saw crows building up. Dinner and cultural show with many traditional dance for less the 500 Baht. Ok I will never do such touristy things, but with my energy already sapped, I went for it.

Sat on the floor on Lanna mats and pillows, we were served an assortment of northern food. It's just one of those days where we were lazy to think what to eat and ate what was fed. It was not bad at all, and they kept filling up our dishes when we half emptied them. Free flow the food was but the drinks we had to pay. The neon and stage lights illuminated the place in a kaleidoscope of artificial colors, the mozzies filled the air. They were so brave I could simply pick one of those fat blood suckers off my skin and I felt the fur on its body, that's how big it was. Coated myself in repellent and I was left in peace to enjoy the meal in the cold night.

With an onslaught of announcement in multi languages which included English and Mandarin, sharp melodic tunes were pumped from large stage speakers driven by vast decks of amplifiers. It sounded like a Chinese funeral and I wailed in accordance to tradition till my girlfriend smacked me in the head. Thou shall watch thy show and keep silence. Each dance lasted a mere 5 minutes, each with its own meaning. The dancers performed in the middle of the compound surrounded by diners laid back on their stiff triangular sofa. Part of the show included performers mingling with the crowds, terrorizing kids with lama like mutant creatures and ferocious Yak in their spiky glittering costumes. The place was packed full house that night, the servers stepped gingerly among the grid of patrons with heavily laden servings of delicacy.

Dance Dance
We did not wait till the end of show. Having been overfed with a wealth of never ending lukewarm cuisines, digestive enzymes were at work full force within driving us lethargic amidst bright lights and loud music. We asked for bill, strolled about the several souvenir shops and soon retired to Centara a short walk away. Khun Khantoke, a great place for first time visitors of Thailand, see show, eat chow, good in winter conditions, not a sweat broken and beware the mozzies.
Free flow of Food

Sitting on Lanna Sofas
The Yak
Yak Terrorizing Diners
Umbrella Dance
Drums and Boys
The Vicinity

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