Friday, January 10, 2014

A Mini Escape, Centara Khum Phaya Resort & Spa

Grand Entry into the Hotel
There are two Centara hotels over at Chiangmai. One is of more economical value called Centara Duangtawan and the other is Centara Khum Phaya Resort & Spa. It was a takeover by Centara I was told. I stayed for a night during my northern winter trip over the New Year's holiday. This hotel is amazing, Chiangmai is a bustling city and any city hotels are stereotyped to be just staying in room within a concrete block. Well not here. The grand entrance, painted in decorative gold and built of dark wood, is like walking into a very grand temple. The accommodation lined the very large lengthy pool is just two stories high with all lower rooms having pool access. I was upgraded to a pool access for free and the bathroom was truly exquisite. It had a Jacuzzi in there and I so loved relaxing my aching body massaged by the powerful jets after a hectic day of driving and visiting places. If you travelled enough, you will get to know that most hotels in Thailand had aged and negligence inherent. Water flow in bathrooms will be reduced to a trickle so washing soap and shampoo from oneself would take an eternity. However here, the bathroom, in addition to the main shower head, had six additional water jets to engulf your body. I didn't know the jets were so powerful, I turned them on full. The initial freezing water almost shot both my nipples off.

Shady and Nice
The avenues within the compound is shaded under tall majestic tress. Strolling under the green foliage in cool winter air, my mental state pacified into a total relaxation. They have bar that is tastefully suited next to an artificial river and having that cocktail in the cool night in tranquility is much better than having drinks at noisy beer gardens in city. Sliding my wooden doors opened, the pool was very inviting, but water too cold for swim this period. Would have been great for summer. Sumptuous buffet breakfast was served out door in a sheltered garden housing, the wooden decked floors on which the chairs and tables were set. In the winter morning, cold it was, steam bellowed from my tea. The area a bit small so one will have to sit indoors if late and the crowd had set in. A great escape from city life within the Chiangmai city. No regrets that I had picked this for a night's stay.

Romantic Bar by the River

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