Monday, January 20, 2014

Bangkok Shutdown 2014

... you can do it ...
I would not call it a success because if it was really that successful, then no one would be going to work and traffic would be a breeze. Today, traveling to work early in the morning was like just any other normal day, jams. During the first two days of the over-rated Bangkok shutdown which began last week, there was a significant decline in traffic. However as the protest dragged on with stubborn Yingluck refusing to budge on any of Suthep's demands, the latter continued his drive on fighting for the people of Thailand. Can I say the people of Thailand? Or just the majority taxpayers whose money had been swindled by the many daylight corruption cases so publicized and broadcasted now?

Massage Service
I went to have a look as usual, its more becoming a festival and "fun-fair" was what my mates back home had been referring to the situation in Thailand now. There were concerts, there were heaps of stalls set up selling food and propaganda merchandise. Mother nature was on Suthep's side blanketing Bangkok in extended winter conditions, even on a sunny afternoon, no sweat was broken. Sprits of the participants remained high and donations was still passing in to aid Suthep's whose account had been reportedly unfairly frozen. However, there were signs of dwindling support as seen in some of the rally sites. Scattered crowds not packed to the brim, there were spaces for kids to run around. He will pull on, whether he will pull through remains a question as the growing number of random shooting and bomb blast victims increase by the day. The "third hand" is out, how fun the protest will continue is in doubt.

Sleeping Quarters for the Protesters
Downtown became Walking Street
Selling Well
There are many Cute Girls There to See
Here he Comes
Donations Pouring
Shops Shops Everywhere
The Traffic on a Work Morning as Usual

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