Saturday, February 09, 2013

Furby Craze in Bangkok

Furby vs Rabbit Cost Analysis
Ask any girl you are wooing right now what she wants for Valentines and I bet it is Furby. If she ask for a car, a house or money for her sick cows back home, then it's time to change girlfriend or to re-consider visiting some other karaoke joints. The latest "in trend" thing right now is everyone wants a Furby. The odd thing is Thais never knew of Furby even though the first edition existed since 1998. Its only through the current 2012 release wave that Thais got to know about this eerie robotic toy, probably because of Internet accessibility so well established in this modern decade. I am having a good time now telling girls they should not get a Furby because if you left it alone and it starts to communicating for no reasons, it is probably communicating with spirits. They should burn their Furbies at the nearest temple.

Furbies are not marketed in Thailand yet. The only way to get Furbies is through eBay, agents or get friends overseas to send them over. It's no cheap toy this electronic plaything, and conman are already exploiting the recent demand opportunities. Already on news, people had fallen victim to agents who took off with their money. It was reported that it amounted to a staggering 4 million Thai Baht. Gosh.. . at 2,800 Baht per Furby, compare it to my bundle of fur joy which I got for 250 Baht at Chatuchuk, no need to change batteries, need to clean shit and lots of visits to the vet, somehow I still go for rabbits anytime.

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