Monday, February 11, 2013

Bird Watching at Bangpu, Bangkok

Seagulls Everywhere
Apparently, according to my girlfriend's mother, Thais had known of this migratory flock of birds that nest in Bangpu to escape winter since 20 or more years ago. So where there's a flock of natural marvel, Thais leverage on the chance and made it a tourist attraction. Going to this place means entering a military compound which ironically, they gladly welcome the public. There's even a big billboard erected at the entrance of the gate with pictures of the flying birds as a big welcome sign. This place is also known as Bang Pu Seaside Resort by locals, there are accommodations in there for rent if one would like to spend 24 hours with the seagulls.

Food for Birds
Along the jetty the flocks mingle, visitors and the migratory birds. WWF a signboard I saw, but nothing the conservationist could do to stop the feeding of them birds by the thousand or so encroaching curious visitors. I was told that this migratory phenomenon only happens during the few months of November till March. But with the ready source of what seemed like fried pork skin selling at 10 Baht per pack for the visitors to teach them birds fetch-the-flying-snack tricks, the gulls could just make Bangpu their permanent nesting grounds and grow fat at the same time. Weekends packed, a weekday visit would be better, especially after some business at the nearby Bangpu industrial estate.

Crowded, Very Crowded
Can do Legs Watching Too....
Messey Picnic Everywhere

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