Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thailand 2007

This is a land where you can be sipping coconut on the beach with an angry anti-Singapore mob behind when all of a sudden a giant wave sweep you up and away. As you tumble in the Tsunami of broken houses, boats and limbs, you get knocked into a number of huge-ass military-coup tanks parked alongside the streets, anchored by its weight, still in the chaos of natural forces. The Tsunami however drenches the burning houses which causes are by negligent fires or cigarette butts fanned by the unusually cool windy and dry December conditions. With bumps on your head and injury too many to count on your body, you make your way to the telephone booth to dial 911 after the water subsides, only to be blown to pieces by some terrorist bombs placed in some plastic bag below the bloody coin phone. All the witnesses surrounding your very unlucky day then quickly point their fingers at Takshin who happens to be thousand of miles away. Much to the terrorist dismay, you are not actually blown to pieces because maybe they had used firecrackers for explosives. The helpful people then assisted your crawl to the next booth to make your emergency call. You spend half an hour trying to speak to bad-English-speaking telephone operator before she finally understands you are in pain. Ambulance then arrived after a 1 hour wait and you are dumped into the back of a pickup truck with sirens attached. That’s when the 15 year old engine gave its last puff in the makeshift ambulance and the nurses decided to transfer you to the MRT. Unfortunately, the MRT driver did not read his manual and so the train passes you at full speed and crashed onto the back of another train upfront. So you wait another hour for the next ambulance to arrive outside the station. Finally it arrived but your soul leaves your body as the vehicle inches its way to the hospital in a major traffic jam.

Well, that sums up what Thailand could be about nowadays. Happy New Year.

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