Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Energizer Fukkerbunny

Humping Rabbit

My rabbit turned crazy on me. When I gave him my hand to pat him, he began a very strange move of hugging me with both forelegs. Two days in a row now, he vibrated up towards my elbows as his forelegs tried to grip and pull his fur body upwards. Then he humped my fingers. So I kept my hands and whatever protrusions of my torso out of his reach under blanket. He circled me all over and crawled onto many parts of my body when I lay on the bed watching TV. He was trying to find a mating spot. It was creepy when I sat upright in front of the TV and he started crawling up my back. Just what is he thinking about???? So I started walking away from the bed. He followed. And so I ran round and jump up my bed, in circles around the room I ran. It gave chase like I was his sexual prey. WTF!!!! GAY! Aren’t rabbits supposed to be docile gentle and sensible creatures??? Only dog licks but why is my rabbit licking me, not to mention humping me??

Rabbit in a Box

To every cause, there will be an effect. Cause: Horny bastard. Result: Rabbit in a Box.

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Anonymous said...

bunny likes fair hairless ah bui... hehehehehe

u anyhow use finger poke here n there right...