Friday, January 26, 2007

Thai Wedding

Thai Wedding

Something interesting about a Thai wedding is that for what seems to be Chinese Red Packet (Ang Pow) to be given, use any nice envelope will do and put the money within. Then write you name across the front and stapler it right down the center, through the contents. Why I asked? Thais said then on the morning after the wedding, the bride and groom will have a hard time getting the money out. And when they are at it, they will see your name and be aware that you have contributed. My friend did that with his nails till they are all chipped out and yes, he remembered every one of them contributed.

The normal amount to give would be THB$500 (SGD$20 only - considered high) and you could bring your whole family along for that. No reservations required and let the seating mess up, it always does anyway. Even when the Thais are invited to Singapore for weddings, they will still stick to the same amount or lower and as such, your Thai tables will sure be money looser.

A Thai wedding is much like us Chinese weddings. Waking up at ungodly hours to benefit from the superstitious good timing, a Mercedes decorated, Yam-Char (drink tea) with parents in houses of both sides and a grand wedding dinner. Well not so grand actually for the normal average as the dinner will be held at badminton halls and such public facilities. Hotel weddings are very rare and only for the rich. See photos under Thai Wedding Dec 2005.

Anyway, next time I attend a wedding, I will make sure the paired couple remember me not for just a week, but for a decade for the packet offered below.


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rk said...

HEHHE, next time your time come, i use those BIG BIG heavy duty one!!!

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