Sunday, September 24, 2006

On the 6th day of Coup

If I can write about my rabbit in my previous blog, that means I have not been run over by the military tanks yet and that all is pretty peaceful here.

Everyday life is as-per-normal. Other then the herd of people flocking to the military concentrations for once in a life time picture taking sessions, everything else is as it is. Traffic jams, shopping, clubbing etc.

New rules are being introduced into the Kingdom during this period. Didn’t really catch them but if I translate correctly, its something like shops are not allowed to stockpile on food. Any shops caught doing things such as ordering huge amount of rice will be heavily fined. This is probably to prevent over-demand due to unnecessary panic. I think they rather stockpile on beer first, then rice.

Another rule that I saw on TV was that we are not suppose to gather in groups of more then 5 to discuss about the political situation. Hmm… kinda used to this already since we have similar rules in Singapore. And why would I want to discuss it anyway? I rather talk about car modifications.

Coup Around my House
On the streets around my house, the soldiers are still around. Yeah they love the King, they have yellow ribbons. For those who love the Queen, light blue ribbons. All over the edge of Bangkok, there are military tanks. Quite an eye-opener. I was one the way back from up-country when greeted by a bank of tanks parked beside the main road. Huge big-ass tanks. Noting like our small ones in Singapore. And as usual, these tanks are worshipped by people stopping along the roads for flower/food/water giving sessions. That means traffic jam.

And I asked the Thais, what are the tanks doing, positioned on all the inbound roads to Bangkok, pointing outwards? They told me maybe to blast Taksin into thin air on sight, or probably as a just incase. Taksin has many support from the other provinces, they told me. The military is in position just incase some organized mobs or scattered military groups supporting Taksin decided to march into the city. Military group supporting Taksin? I never heard of that. Could be one of those Uncle-Taxi driver talk. But nevertheless, these are what Thais think.

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