Saturday, September 09, 2006

Not all Robbers Are Smart

Nakon Nayok Toilet
Picture above taken on one of my impromptu holiday trips. Shitting under the stars, just one of the resort's styling in Thialnd. And when it rained, I bathed in a mixture of rain water. Now we know where Singapore zoo got its open toilet concept from. Thailand is full of such open toilets, even in the petrol pumps.

Now back to amazing news I saw on TV. Near my home recently, there was a robbery case. Two robbers held a man at gun point and robbed his gold chain. The robbers split after that, one ran on foot. The other holding the gun, went onto the road and hijacked a car driven by a lady. He got in the car and pointed the gun at the lady, forced her into the passenger’s seat while he took over.

The robber has not much of brains, or maybe he’s not from Bangkok. The alternate meaning of Bangkok = I Love Traffic Jams. The car was in a middle of an evening jam and it wasn’t moving much. The police had only to stroll up casually and arrested him. I’m not sure about the gun’s authenticity and why he didn’t use it. Maybe robber so stupid he forgot to load bullets.

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