Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Military Coup

Well… today.. scary day? No.. its more like a holiday. After the TV declared a holiday, I slept till 3pm. Situation report:

The TV returned to broadcasting normally sometime in the morning. The telecommunications seems restored, but calls to Malaysia are difficult.

Everyone seems to be happy. The TV interviews with common people seem to contradict the expected situation of a military coup. Some on TV even said why the military had taken so long to react to Taksin. Other seems pretty happy about the coup and had been expecting it. On the streets, civilians are enjoying the holiday. Bringing food and water to the soldiers, photo taking session, flowers presented to soldiers. I have not seen any news report of anyone against the coup so far. It seems like it’s an all against Taksin thing now.

The shops closed early. Big departmental stores such as Carrefour closed at 9. Central closed at 8. It’s not scary like how military coups are like else where. It’s a happy mode. No one blowing each other brains out. And if only everyday Bangkok could be naturally this less congested. No traffic, not marauding crowds in shopping center.

What an opportunity for me to rest. I slept and woke and went for dinner. Around the corners wherever government offices are, soldiers are positioned. Some of them seemed pretty happy enjoying the eye candy of scantly clad nite club girls where they are position.

See… Thailand is not like Singapore. If the general public is unhappy, no force can keep them quiet. Thai people have more balls then Singaporeans for sure. Mobs, rallies, etc, they fight for what they believe to be right. And now the military is on their side.

For my view on the situation.. I got no idea what’s happening lately really, I’m not political. I’m a working tourist. I’m smiling, what an experience.


Lyss said...

so, who will be running the government once the coup activity settles down.

Jewie said...

No idea... definately not me... :)