Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hot Spring Trip

My rabbit grew so fat… it’s outgrowing the cage. And so I bought a bigger cage for her, fearing she would bore to death in her tiny space. I assembled the cage happily, put her in, and closed the door. And magically she walked right out of the cage.

Wet Rabbit
Fugging realized that rabbits are like cats…. Can squeezed through very small gaps. The bars are too far apart. And so have to soak rabbit in water to determine actual size. Wasted money.. kept big cage in store for future.

Changmai Hot Spring
Anyway, I just had a long seminar up north. That’s where I encountered hot springs. Thought I could soak in it in the cold northern weather, but was advised by Thais that I could get my testicles cooked. If me and friends were to soak in there, we can exchange testicles for taste after. This hot springs we discovered between Changmai and Changrai. They offered eggs on sale for us to soak them in the spring. Eat them after they are cook.

Changmai Hot Spring
And so the above shows me living out my dreams.. Drove into the mountains on a cold morning, having my coffee in my white ceramic mug. Life’s good. I’m smiling.

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