Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Thailand's Wannabe

Knowing ones one limits and capabilities is something genetically missing from majority of the Thai brain. Thai people have some odd behavior. Soak yourself here then you will know but share I will.

Mr A wanna be a manager. And so we made him one. Bosses his employees around and injected hierarchical fears into them sure he did. But all left him quitted the company. For one thing, all his people were good workers… efficient, hardworking and knowledgeable, traits Mr A does not have and they knew it. I liked them. When employees are faced with a situation beyond their own decision control, approach the immediate manager they will for advice. Mr A would be approached and his advice back will be oh-shitty-stupid. Not only did that dismayed the employees since they were expecting a wise answer, but turned away the customers he did. However some customers were smart to realize that they have an intelligent edge above our Mr A. They ate him for breakfast. The company lost money through one sided contracts.

When Mr A does site, worse. Answer to questions by customers contains only diminutive amounts of intelligence, relative to size of brain in spacious skull compartment. And he will be calling all over the world to look for me or my partner and we have to answer for his so simple technical related questions. Looks stupid in front of the customers isn’t it? So… if one has not enough knowledge then one should self improve? But not so the majority Thai personality. Mr A just spends more time bossing his people around calling for meaningless meeting and act smart. And the result is we lost our good workers because they can’t stand him. Mr A can’t think nor judge. And the things we teach him so many times over do not stay. Not only that, the advice we tell him, he does not follow. His memory is volatile. If only we could squeeze a 200GB 7200 rpm hard disk into that spacious compartment between his skull and brain. His personality is stubborn, sort of the like skid marks in the toilet that your shit leaves behind. Zero smart capability and yet manager wannabe. Exhibited every characteristics of empty vessels making the most noise.

Don’t ask me why we did not fire him. It’s a Thai thing… give chance for time to learn… even if it takes a decade.

I am in a car now actually, some free time to type a blog. Next to me is this new nerdy chap that I just hired. He can’t drive well. Just got his license 1 year ago and only capable of auto transmission cars. He seldom drives. Occasionally he drives around his neighborhood for groceries in his parents’ car. To let you have a better idea of his logged driving hours, he had driven with hand brakes on for a smoldering 5 minutes when we were just out of office in the morning. However, we are now traveling at 160 on the highway to site… and the way he negotiates situation causes my balls to shrink to size of pea. Pea can shoot out from banana when in traumatically frightening situations. Hero wannabe not knowing limits and consequences wanna drive the Toyota like a V8 car. I asked him… is this his first time driving long distance. Nodded he did. And yet.. this speed. I am stopping my blog now… gonna screw him and swap drivers in the coming petrol station. I still want my life.

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Mikobiko(Guy) said...

Who the hell is this Mr A ding dong man???? Interesting guy.