Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Landed at Airport

Announcing the arrival of flight Mi16 from “toll way” at gate “beside the road”. She has zero engine power and had made an emergency landing, without brakes.

Was bloody driving to site 600km away this morning. There was a loose speedo cable in my dashboard. It had been making a lot of clicking noise for the past few weeks. I had imagined the cable snapping and twirling all over inside my dashboard so hard that it cuts the surrounding cables loosed, shorting every circuit and causing mayhem.

It happened… this morning.

Was beginning my journey out of Bangkok in the morning. Was at my using cursing speed of 140 when the soft clicking sound turned into a loud series of snaps followed by instant engine failure and Christmas lights on the dashboard.

Fugged big time… on an elevated toll way with no power and fast traffic. Saw exit on left leading to international airport terminal. Swerved left and out of the toll way. Then realized the descending slope lead to a sharp u-turn ahead and I had no fugging brakes. Put low gear into action and heard engine made a lot of strange noises as the computer controlling it is out of action.. lots of exhaust backfiring… pop pop pop… like some supercar… had to use handbrakes as well to decelerate. Negotiated the turn and proceeded to the next descend using a balance of hand braking and the car’s momentum for controlled forward motion. The car rolled on… and on… and finally I eyed a nice spot beside the VIP building and just rolled my car into the position. There I was… beside the road… in the bloody hot sun. Was there… waiting for tow truck. Searing sun suddenly turned into heavy downpour after I cursed the weather. Then I became partially drenched chicken as I ran for shelter.

What a fugged day. Back in Bangkok… appointment rescheduled.

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