Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Searing Sun

The past weeks happening…. Lets see…

You know these are the hottest months when u reach home for shower in the night and the water is warm. I do not have a heater by the way.

The weather is so hot that stupid pigeons keep getting knock down by cars because they are dizzy. Some more dead birds that were ran over by cars in the parking lot.

Amazingly… maybe because of the weather, birds get to shit sideways. I found a big splat of bird shit under the cover of my car’s door handle.. impossible, unless car is turned sideways with door facing skywards. Now I am still wondering how the hell the shit got under there….

When I say my car is Peugeot (pew-geo or purr-geo as we in SG pronounce it) no one knows. They pronounce it purr-yo.

Stupid Honda jazz thinks he very the powderful came to tailgate me for a race. I blew him away leaving his engine breathlessly roaring at its 90bhp. BUT… strained and broke something in the undercarriage. Car was swerving left right center for the next few days as something on left wheel that controls steering got loosed. Darn.. .

Still cannot find a lot of time for myself, have time for myself to do what I want to do myself. Fugging work.

So many fatal motor bike accidents lately.. weather must be baking their brains within helmet. Also saw big pickup overturned on highways when I was going to site. So many accidents.

90% of the people in Bangkok are not from Bangkok. When there are long holidays such as Songkran, the traffic in Bangkok is so good… so little cars… so not congested and everywhere that took 1 hour to get took only a mere 20 minutes.

Petrol prices kept going up… now standing at about SGD$1.20 per litre for 95. It used to be just around SGD$0.90.

The climate now is searing hot… avoid Bangkok unless your option is for baking your body.

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