Saturday, May 27, 2006

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Possible Things in Thailand

Possible Things in Thailand

Sent to me by a friend, the above shows the possible things that could happen in Thailand. Even when substation is flooded, the operators still hangs around, in their underwear.

Other very strange and sometimes frustrating stories:

Paid to use the highway but got stuck after the tollgate because the police blocked the highway for VIP. So we pay to be stuck in a jam.

Watched DaVinci Code but when they spoke French, there are only Thai subtitles. Fug the movie industry here that ignores the minority English speaking population.

Thais are educated since the beginning of childhood never to throw any solid objects into the toilet bowl. As such, majority of the toilet here have a disgusting bin next to the toilet bowl that contains all the soiled toilet paper.

When thunderstorm, sure have power failures.

The temperature in the hot months can drop to 22 degrees Celsius on some strange nights.

Employees never want to use the highways because they have to pay the toll fee in advance. They prefer to be stuck in the jam and waste petrol that the company pays.

90% of guys here have more then one girlfriend. Girls here don’t like Thai guys and they jump at any opportunity on the foreign man.

The Zouk like pubs here are meant for Europeans. Girls in such pubs never want to talk to anything that looks Asian. Thai version of Sarong Party Girls. If you are yellow you will be welcome more elsewhere.

Drivers here do not how to use the circle. They were never taught to, considering the crappy driving test system here. As such, many accidents occur at circles. Drivers here cannot comprehend the meaning of the speedometer. They have no sense of speed nor braking distance.

Observe during wedding ceremony, whose hands is above gripping whose when cake cutting. That will determine who controls who after marriage. Marrying couples sometimes wrestle on the stage over this discreetly.

They wash the dead people’s face with coconut water as a soul purifying process.

Most sausages bought from street side stores are strangely sour and gives you a feeling that you are eating rat meat.

K… enough…. More next time. Experience the Thai way of life. Not be tourist, be embedded here.

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Ling said...

the toilet thing is the same in china, only sometimes in china, they just leave their shit coil sitting there. damn disgusting. and they have roadside yang rou satay that almost everyone likes which has been reported to be made out of rat and cat meat.