Sunday, February 12, 2006

Thai Pubic Holiday

Nothing pubic or regarding groin area here.... heheheh

Tomorrow is another Thailand holiday, yet again. Oh yeah… all employees happy like bird. But me… now working in the office on a SUNDAY. As usual….

Asked gig what holiday tomorrow is… some royal birthday again? Buddha came down from sky day? Some big holy monk’s birthday? … And she tried to explain to me in her best English Thai vocab.

Once upon a time long long ago, in a land so far far away, there was a great meeting where many monks attended. Then the Buddha came without invitation. That’s the juice I roughly got from her… something like that. So… in essence, Buddha came from sky and crashed ZoukOut for monks… They made it a holiday.

Monday’s holiday is where last year, I went to temple and walk three rounds and had bloated eyes from all the incense fumes. No temple for me this year… no way… no thanks, especially with my infected wisdom tooth.

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