Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Reptilian Dinner

Last Saturday night… dinner in the south of Bangkok where sea meets land. Took gig and me forever to get there as we were lost most of the time. This place, known only by locals, has numerous seafood restaurants build above swampy waters.

As we had our outdoor seafood dinner, a brownish house lizard pop onto the table walked around among the dishes ignoring our presence and hunted for insects. I “boo” the lizard and it stared back at me. Then it walked away only to come back onto the table again later. Weird. Most house lizards would have scrambled in the near presence of humans.

We were sitting by the edge of the water. Then a water snake came out of the murky depths and entwined itself on a stick that was less then two metes away from us. Pretty wired outdoor dining experience aye? If this was back in SG, you would have seen panicky parents pull their child so fast away from their seats that their underwear drop out. You would have seen loud mouth bossy human nature demanding the presence of the manager to complain about the unhygienic lizard or girls screaming and flipping the tom yum soup in their hasty arms flinging state of hysteria.

This is Bangkok… welcome to a day in my life.

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