Thursday, February 23, 2006

I Eat Kee Lee Co

Kee Lee Co…. what the heck is kee lee co???? That was when I figured gig was talking about the Glico snacks. It is strange how Thais name the foreign products. Then there was Why-rus…. My brain hangs in the middle of my training. Then I realize my students are talking about computer virus. Virus = Why-rus. I conducted my training nowadays in Thai. Must be doing something correct here in Thailand if I can conduct lessons in Thai language. Stressed out flat though. From nothing I learned to finally speak their language. Half fug still I am, but communicate my knowledge through I did. My students understood me.

Bangkok Boat
The past weekend I had to dig time out from nowhere to go with gig for a boat trip. Hot as hell the weather was. But kinda enjoyable was the trip. A holiday that never ends as I did mentioned before, my life in Thailand. See photos here under Bangkok Boat Trip.

Bangkok Bus Ride
I had to rush to my customer’s place on Tuesday. With my colleagues I went, but no one sent me back as they had to continue on to visit other customers up north east. So I had to take the bus back. 6 hours. 32 seater coach, not even VIP to my standards. But little specks of luxury are scattered in the midst of Buddha land. The seats on the coach had massage features built in, but it was hard to figure out operating as everything was in Thai. Seat might have snapped shut and ate me alive if wrong buttons were pressed.

Kee Lee Co….. still ringing in my mind. Time to pack… time to go home. I am tired.

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